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Over twenty years ago, Frank Craft of Tinley Park, Illinois, founded Midwest Shows. Originally, as a young man Frank ran baseball and basketball card shows.  During his venture with card shows he brought an all African American baseball team to Chicago for a card and autograph fair.  Along with card shows, Frank experimented with reptile shows, and eventually found his calling when he started running bird shows.

Frank and his second wife Patricia kept his two most successful shows going, even after moving to southern Ohio. Unfortunately in 2004, Frank was diagnosed with stage 4 renal cancer.  With much strength and fortitude he survived until December 31, 2006.  After Frank’s passing Patricia kept the shows running with help from her family.

Presently, Chicago-land’s longest running monthly bird shows continue on in Rolling Meadows and Joliet IL.  Patricia and her family continue to honor Frank’s legacy by offering the customers of the Midwest Shows a reliable place to shop for their favorite bird necessities.  It is our goal to have successful shows long into the future.  Our promise is to always have knowledgeable vendors who are bird loving people, and are happy to answer all your questions.  Whether you’re a first time customer or long time friend, Midwest Shows always welcomes your support and appreciates your business.

MIDWEST SHOWS is always looking for another location to sponsor a bird fair.
If you know of a great location, please contact us.  Just 
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